STAF Linear

The STAF linear guides introduction

STAF linar guides supplier

The STAF linear guides a brand renowned for its precision engineering and innovative solutions in the realm of motion technology, has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing of linear guides.
The STAF linear guides are essential components in a wide array of applications, from industrial machinery to precision instruments, providing smooth, accurate, and reliable linear motion.
The STAF linear guides are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of precision and durability. This commitment is evident in the materials used, the manufacturing processes, and the rigorous testing each guide undergoes before it reaches the market.
The STAF linear guides are crafted from high-grade steel, selected for its strength and resistance to wear. The steel undergoes a precise heat treatment process that enhances its hardness and durability, ensuring that the guides can withstand the rigors of continuous use in demanding environments. The surface of the guides is treated to reduce friction and improve wear resistance, further extending their lifespan and reliability.

One of the features of STAF linear guides is their design, which incorporates advanced engineering principles to ensure smooth and precise motion. The guides feature a four-row circular-arc groove design, which optimizes load distribution and enhances rigidity. This design also facilitates easy installation and maintenance, making the guides a practical choice for a wide range of applications. STAF linear guides are available in a variety of sizes and load capacities, catering to the diverse needs of different industries. Whether it’s for a small precision instrument or a large industrial machine, the STAF linear guides offers a linear guide that can meet the specific requirements of the application.

The guides are designed with features that simplify installation and maintenance, such as easy-to-mount mounting brackets and interchangeable components. This user-friendly approach ensures that the guides can be quickly and efficiently integrated into new or existing systems, minimizing downtime and reducing the need for specialized maintenance skills.
The STAF linear guides have many types for users to choose,
The STAF MBC Linear Guide products are miniaturized, with the application advantages of high precision, low noise, and long lifetime.
The STAF MBX Linear Guide Requires less room and Injection molding parts requires less machining.
The MBX Linear Guide have Snap-in Dust-proof Components:
1.Snap-in design makes smaller size possible.
2. Tightly secured end caps improve the rigidity.
3.The seal works as end seal plus side seal shields the foreign particles thoroughly.

BGC Caged Linear Guides
With BGC complete cage design,the linear guide make the forces received are more even, providing a more stable overall lifetime.
BGX Conventional Linear 

The BGX linear guides with 4-Groove Even Load Design。
The BGX Block with 4 rows of steel balls forms 45 degree contact with the grooves at 4 positions will balance the loads form all direction. STAF BGX Linear Guide is better rigidity, accuracy and life.
MPH Series Retainer Type

The STAF MPH Linear Guide is Balanced load in 4 directions:
The MPH Block With 2 Gothic arc grooves contacting the steel balls at 45 ° .
The MPH linear guide is well balanced with load from all directions, and is very stable in many mounting orientations.
The MPH Linear Guide have have retainer. The retainer prevents the steel balls from falling off.
MPH linear guide have Compact Size is most applicable to occasions with very limited space due to its compact size.
BGXW WIDE RAIL Linear Guides
STAF BGXW is wide type Linear Guide, BGXW Linear Guide is Four-way Equal Load with Self-adjustment Capability.Four rows raceways with 45° contact angle design enabling the STAF BGW series to be used in all orientations.
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STAF brand linear guides with exceptional quality, versatility, and user-friendly design make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications across various industries.

Hiwin rail

The advantages and using of HIWIN linear guide

HIWIN linear guides stand out in the realm of motion control technology due to their numerous advantages and wide-ranging applications across various industries. The HIWIN linear guide have precision-engineered components play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth, accurate, and reliable linear motion in machines and systems where such performance is critical.

One of the primary advantages of HIWIN linear guides is their exceptional precision. The HIWIN linear guide are meticulously designed to minimize play and backlash, allowing for precise positioning and movement of machine components. This precision is essential in applications such as CNC machines, where even minor deviations can affect the quality and accuracy of the finished product.

Durability is another hallmark of HIWIN linear guides. Constructed from high-quality materials such as hardened steel and advanced polymers, HIWIN linear guide exhibit excellent wear resistance and prolonged operational life. This durability is particularly beneficial in industrial environments where machines operate continuously under demanding conditions, ensuring minimal downtime and reduced maintenance costs over time.

HIWIN linear guides also excel in terms of load capacity and stiffness. The Hiwin rails and blocks are engineered to support varying loads while maintaining rigidity and stability during operation. This capability is crucial in applications that require handling heavy work-pieces or performing high-speed machining operations, where stability and vibration damping are essential for achieving optimal performance and product quality.

HIWIN linear guide offers many solutions to engineer needs needs. This flexibility allows engineers and designers to select the most suitable linear guide for their unique applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. When engineers and designers plan use Hwin linear guide. Where to buy hiwin rails?
Areswin can supply all kinds of original HIWIN linear guide,please check more detail:

The smooth operation of HIWIN linear guides is facilitated by their advanced design, which incorporates precision-ground raceways and recirculating ball bearings or rollers. This design minimizes friction and ensures uniform motion, resulting in quieter operation and reduced energy consumption compared to alternative linear motion systems.

In terms of application areas, HIWIN linear guides find widespread use across a multitude of industries. In manufacturing and automation, they are integral components in CNC machining centers, automated assembly lines, and robotic systems where precise and reliable linear motion is essential for maintaining productivity and product quality. In the semiconductor industry, HIWIN guides contribute to the precise movement of wafer-handling equipment, ensuring the accuracy required for microchip production.

Medical and laboratory equipment also benefit from HIWIN linear guides, where they are employed in devices such as MRI machines, diagnostic instruments, and robotic surgical systems. The high precision and smooth motion provided by HIWIN guides are crucial in these applications, where the safety and well-being of patients depend on accurate and reliable performance.

Aerospace and defense sectors utilize HIWIN linear guides in applications ranging from aircraft manufacturing to missile guidance systems, where durability, precision, and resistance to extreme environmental conditions are paramount.

In conclusion, HIWIN linear guides represent a pinnacle of engineering excellence, combining precision, durability, versatility, and reliability to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications. Their widespread adoption across diverse industries underscores their reputation as a trusted provider of motion control solutions that enable innovation, efficiency, and superior performance in machinery and systems worldwide.
Hiwin linear guide have below types to choose.
Hiwin HG series ,Hiwin EG series.Hiwin MG series

Hiwin Linear guide

Full ceramic ball bearing

Full Ceramic Bearing Introduction

Ceramic Bearings Precision and PerformanceCeramic ball bearing
The Full Ceramic bearings,usually call Ceramic Ball Bearing also known as hybrid bearings, have emerged as a transformative innovation in the fields of engineering and manufacturing. Comprising ceramic balls and metal races, these bearings offer a host of benefits that make them increasingly popular across various industries. From aerospace to medical devices, the advantages of ceramic bearings are reshaping the way we approach machinery and component design. For more size information see:

Composition and Types
Ceramic bearings generally feature balls made from silicon nitride (Si3N4) or zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), while the races are typically crafted from stainless steel or other robust metals. Full ceramic bearings, where both the balls and the races are made from ceramic materials, are also available. These bearings are known for their high hardness, low density, and excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.

Advantages of Ceramic Bearings

Durability and Longevity:
Ceramic bearings are significantly harder than their steel counterparts, making them more resistant to wear and tear. This increased hardness translates to a longer operational life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.
High-Speed Performance:
The low density of ceramic materials reduces the overall weight of the bearing, enabling higher rotational speeds with less centrifugal force. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in high-speed applications such as in the aerospace and automotive industries.
Thermal Stability:
Ceramics exhibit minimal thermal expansion compared to metals. This property ensures that ceramic bearings maintain their structural integrity and performance even under extreme temperature variations. Consequently, they are ideal for applications involving high temperatures, such as turbines and industrial machinery.
Corrosion Resistance:
Unlike steel, ceramic materials are impervious to rust and corrosion. This resistance makes ceramic bearings suitable for use in corrosive environments, including marine applications and chemical processing plants.
Electrical Insulation:
Ceramics are natural electrical insulators, which prevents the passage of electrical currents through the bearing. This feature is critical in applications where electrical conductivity could cause damage, such as in electric motors and generators.
Ceramic bearings, known for their remarkable durability and performance, are increasingly utilized across various industries due to their unique properties. Composed of ceramic materials like silicon nitride or zirconium dioxide, these bearings offer several advantages over traditional steel bearings.
One of the primary benefits of ceramic bearings is their exceptional hardness, which provides superior wear resistance and longevity. This makes them ideal for high-speed applications such as in aerospace and automotive industries, where they are used in aircraft engines and turbochargers. The low density of ceramics allows for reduced centrifugal force and higher rotational speeds, enhancing overall performance.
Ceramic bearings also excel in environments with extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions. Their minimal thermal expansion and resistance to rust and corrosion make them suitable for industrial machinery, marine applications, and medical devices. For example, in medical tools like dental drills and surgical instruments, the biocompatibility and reliability of ceramic bearings are crucial.
Another key advantage is their electrical insulation properties, preventing electrical currents from passing through, which is essential in electric motors and generators. Despite their higher cost and brittleness, the benefits of ceramic bearings in terms of reduced maintenance, increased efficiency, and extended lifespan make them a valuable investment in precision and high-stress applications.
Aerospace: The high-speed capabilities and lightweight nature of ceramic bearings make them ideal for use in aircraft engines and other aerospace components.
Automotive: In the automotive sector, ceramic bearings are used in turbochargers, gearboxes, and electric motors, enhancing performance and efficiency.
Medical Devices: The biocompatibility and corrosion resistance of ceramics make these bearings suitable for medical instruments and devices, including dental drills and surgical tools
Industrial Machinery: Ceramic bearings are employed in high-speed spindles and machinery used in manufacturing processes, where they offer superior performance and longevity.
Marine: The corrosion resistance of ceramic bearings makes them invaluable in marine environments, where exposure to saltwater can quickly degrade traditional bearings.
Ceramic bearings represent a significant advancement in bearing technology, offering numerous performance benefits that outweigh the challenges associated with their use. Their durability, high-speed capability, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation properties make them an ideal choice for a wide array of demanding applications. If you have any questions or requirements for the Ceramic bearing please contact Areswin Precision Machinery Company:

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hiwin HG Series Linear Guideway

Hiwin HG guía lineal

Las guías lineales HIWIN HG representan el nivel más alto en la tecnología de movimiento lineal, con precisión, durabilidad y versatilidad. Como buque insignia de HIWIN, líder mundial en soluciones de control de movimiento, los rieles lineales HG establecen el estándar de la industria por su rendimiento y fiabilidad inigualables.Hiwin HG linear guide

En el corazón de las guías lineales HIWIN HG se encuentran su estructura robusta y su diseño innovador. Los guías HG están diseñados con bolas molidas con precisión y carriles molidos con precisión para garantizar un movimiento suave y preciso en las condiciones más exigentes. Esta atención meticulosa al detalle ofrece una precisión y repetibilidad extraordinarias, lo que la convierte en la primera opción para las aplicaciones donde la precisión es crítica.

Una de las características de la guía lineal HIWIN HG es su capacidad de carga excepcional. Las guías HG se fabrican con materiales de alta calidad y tecnologías de fabricación avanzadas para soportar cargas pesadas, manteniendo un movimiento suave y una desviación mínima. Esto lo convierte en la solución ideal para una amplia gama de aplicaciones industriales, desde máquinas-herramienta y sistemas de automatización hasta la fabricación de semiconductores y dispositivos médicos.

Los rieles lineales HIWIN HG también cuentan con un diseño de rodamientos de bolas circulares único que reduce la fricción y el desgaste, lo que permite una fiabilidad a largo plazo y requisitos mínimos de mantenimiento. Este innovador diseño garantiza un funcionamiento suave y silencioso, incluso a altas velocidades y cargas pesadas, lo que mejora el rendimiento general y la eficiencia del sistema.

Además de un rendimiento excepcional, los guías lineales HIWIN HG ofrecen una versatilidad sin igual. La guía HG ofrece una amplia variedad de tamaños, configuraciones y opciones de montaje que se pueden personalizar para satisfacer los requisitos específicos de prácticamente cualquier aplicación. Ya sea un sistema de movimiento lineal estándar o una solución diseñada a medida, HIWIN ofrece la flexibilidad y la experiencia para lograr los mejores resultados.

Además, los guías lineales HIWIN HG son fáciles de instalar y mantener, con un proceso de montaje sencillo y una estructura robusta que minimiza el tiempo de inactividad y aumenta la productividad. Esto garantiza que los clientes puedan integrar rápidamente las pautas de HG en sus sistemas existentes con un impacto mínimo en sus operaciones.

Además de las especificaciones técnicas, los guías lineales HIWIN HG están respaldados por el compromiso de HIWIN con la satisfacción del cliente y el soporte. Con una red global de profesionales de ventas y servicio, HIWIN ofrece asistencia integral durante todo el ciclo de vida del producto, desde el diseño inicial y la instalación hasta el mantenimiento y soporte continuos.

Guía lineal HG tiene una variedad de tamaños de guía de ancho como HGR15, HGR20, HGR25, HGR30, HGR35, HGR45, HGR55, HGR65, etc., que pueden satisfacer diferentes requisitos de uso.
Por favor, haga clic aquí para obtener más información. Areswin ofrece guías lineales Hiwin originales.

En resumen, los guías lineales HIWIN HG establecen el estándar para la excelencia en la tecnología de movimiento lineal. Con su rendimiento, durabilidad y versatilidad inigualables, es la primera opción para ingenieros y fabricantes de todo el mundo que requieren la más alta precisión y fiabilidad de los sistemas de control de movimiento.

high precission ball screw ball screw supplier ball screw choose

The introduce of the ball screw precision. C7,C5,C3.

The introduce of the ball screw precision. C7,C5,C3.
The ball srew have C7,C5,C3 three types of precision. Usually C7 is most popupar type. C7 ball screw know as the Cold rolling screw. The length usually can reach 6000mm. Usually used in large equipment. C5 and C3 is grinding type ball screw. Usually length is 1000mm. If over 1000mm the screw may easy bend or damage.
The C7, C5, and C3 ball screws brought significant advancements to the world of linear motion, revolutionizing precision and efficiency in various industrial applications. These designations represent the precision grades of ball screws, with each grade offering distinct levels of accuracy, backlash, and performance characteristics.
The C7 ball screw represents a high-precision grade, offering extremely tight tolerances and minimal backlash. This level of precision makes C7 ball screws ideal for applications that demand exceptional accuracy and repeatability, such as CNC machining, precision manufacturing, and high-precision positioning systems. The C7 designation ensures that these ball screws provide minimal deviation and excellent performance, meeting the stringent requirements of advanced industrial operations.
In contrast, the C5 ball screw offers a balance between precision and cost-effectiveness. It provides a good level of accuracy and low backlash, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including general automation, machine tools, and industrial machinery. The C5 designation signifies a level of precision that meets the demands of most industrial applications, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for motion control requirements.
The C3 ball screw, while offering lower precision compared to C7 and C5 grades, still provides acceptable accuracy for many industrial applications. With slightly higher backlash and tolerances, C3 ball screws are well-suited for applications where precision requirements are less stringent, such as material handling equipment, conveyor systems, and general-purpose automation. The C3 designation indicates that these ball screws offer a balance between cost and performance, making them a practical choice for a wide variety of industrial applications.
Overall, the introduction of C7, C5, and C3 ball screws has greatly expanded the options available for precision motion control in industrial settings. Whether seeking ultra-high precision, a balance between accuracy and cost, or a cost-effective solution with acceptable precision, these ball screw grades offer versatile options to meet the diverse needs of modern industrial automation and machinery.
Xi’an Areswin Precision can supply all kinds of ball screw from c3 to C7, the brand including TBI. NSK.GTEN. Can machining the screw ends base on drawing.
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high precission ball screw ball screw supplier ball screw choose

THK linear guide THK LM linar guide

THK Linear Guide LM Types

THK Linear Guide Types
THK is a well-known brand in the field of linear motion products, and its linear guide systems are widely used in various industries. The THK linear guide series offers a range of types to meet different application needs.

LM guide

One of the most popular types of THK linear guides is the LM guide. LM guides are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, automation, and robotics. These guides provide smooth and accurate linear motion, ensuring high precision in applications. The unique patented ball circulation structure of LM guides guarantees smooth movement and excellent rigidity. They are available in different sizes and load capacities to suit different requirements.
The key features of the LM guide series is its versatility. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientations, allowing for flexibility in design and installation. The modular design of the LM guides also makes them easy to assemble and disassemble, simplifying maintenance and replacement.

THK LM guides are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide long service life. The precision-ground raceways and balls ensure smooth and accurate movement, reducing friction and wear. This results in extended operating life and reduced downtime for maintenance.

The LM guide series also offers options for different levels of precision. THK provides standard LM guides for general-purpose applications, as well as high-precision LM guides for applications that require exceptional accuracy. The high-precision LM guides are designed with tighter tolerances and reduced clearance, ensuring precise linear motion.

THK offers LM guides with different types of ball circulation systems. These include the End Cap type, which provides increased rigidity and stability, and the Interchangeable type that allows for easy replacement of components.

THK linear guide have may models,Global Standard Size Model SHS, Caged Ball LM Guide Radial Type Model SSR, Models SHS-LC / SHS-LCM, Models SHS-LR / SHS-LRM, Models SHS-LV / SHS-LVM.

THK Linear Guide: Empowering Diverse Industries with Precision Motion Control
The versatility of THK Linear Guide extends far beyond its exceptional performance in precision motion control. This groundbreaking linear motion system has found wide application across a diverse range of industries, providing unparalleled benefits and enhancing operational efficiency.

In the robotics industry, where precise and fluid movement is crucial, THK Linear Guide plays a vital role. It enables robots to achieve accurate and smooth linear motion, facilitating intricate tasks such as pick-and-place operations, assembly, and packaging. With its superior accuracy and repeatability, THK Linear Guide ensures robots can perform tasks with precision and reliability, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing errors.

THK LM guide rails are widely used in various mechanical equipment. THK guide rails are of excellent quality and cheap. It can better reduce industrial use costs. Various types of guide rails serve different industrial purposes.

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In summary, THK LM linear guide types are widely recognized for their exceptional performance, precision, and reliability. With their patented ball circulation structure, modular design, and versatile orientation options, THK LM guides offer smooth and accurate linear motion for various industrial applications. Whether it is for high-speed, high-load, or high-precision requirements, THK provides a comprehensive range of LM guide types to meet the diverse needs of different industries. Trust in THK to deliver top-quality LM linear guides that exceed expectations.

What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Application Of Ball Screw In Intelligent System?

With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent systems are gradually infiltrating into various industries and becoming the key force to promote the productivity of modern industry. In this transformation, the ball screw pair has become the core transmission component in the intelligent system with its excellent performance and diversified advantages. It can not only significantly improve the performance and efficiency of automation system, but also bring unprecedented changes and innovations to modern industrial production.

The application and importance of ball screw pair in intelligent system, we need to master its basic principle and structure. Ball screw pair is an efficient transmission device, and its core lies in the ball transmission mechanism between screw and nut. This mechanism not only ensures high transmission efficiency and excellent rigidity, but also provides precise positioning ability, which makes it widely used in many automation equipment and mechanical systems. In the intelligent system, the ball screw pair has the following obvious advantages:

Ball screw pair stands out with its excellent precision and rigidity, and becomes the key to precise control in intelligent system. In the intelligent system, the precise requirements for position and strength are extremely high, and the ball screw pair just meets this demanding requirement. Its high-precision positioning ability and excellent rigidity not only ensure the stability and reliability of the system, but also greatly improve the working accuracy and efficiency of the system, which provides strong support for the outstanding performance of the intelligent system.

With its high transmission efficiency, the ball screw pair shows remarkable advantages in energy utilization in intelligent systems. In intelligent systems, improving energy efficiency is the key to reduce operating costs. Because of the ball transmission mechanism, the ball screw pair has higher transmission efficiency than the traditional thread transmission, which can not only effectively reduce energy consumption, but also reduce the operating cost of the system, which provides strong support for the sustainable development of the intelligent system.

With its long service life and convenient maintenance process, the ball screw pair is unique in the intelligent system. Especially on the equipment that needs long-term continuous operation, the ball screw pair shows excellent stability and reliability. Its spare parts loss is very small, and its service life is long, which greatly reduces the downtime and maintenance time of the system, thus effectively reducing the maintenance cost. This feature provides a solid guarantee for the continuous and efficient operation of the intelligent system and ensures the stability and continuity of the production process.

The ball screw pair shows excellent high-speed movement and large load transmission ability in the intelligent system. In automation equipment, the requirements for fast and accurate positioning and heavy load transmission are extremely high, and the ball screw pair can easily meet these requirements with its excellent performance. This not only improves the working efficiency of the system, but also significantly improves the production efficiency, which provides a strong support for the rapid development of intelligent systems.

Ball screw pair has outstanding performance in the automation application of intelligent system, and its advantages are remarkable. Excellent precision, rigidity and transmission efficiency ensure the stability and efficient operation of the system. The long service life and simple maintenance process of the ball screw pair also provide a solid guarantee for the continuous operation of the system. High-speed movement and large-load transmission capability further improve the performance and efficiency of automation equipment and inject new vitality into modern industrial production.

Because of these unique advantages, the ball screw pair has become an indispensable core component in the intelligent system, which continuously promotes the innovation and development of automation technology. With the continuous progress of technology, we have reason to believe that the application prospect of ball screw pair in intelligent system will be broader, which will bring more far-reaching influence and benefit to the modernization transformation of various industries and help the upgrading and transformation of global industrial production.

How to prevent dust on linear guide rail

How to prevent dust on linear guide rail and how to solve the problem of dust blocking slider?

How to prevent dust on linear guide rail and how to solve the problem of dust blocking slider?

Dust prevention is the most important part when using linear guide rail system. If dust and other foreign matter enter the back of the linear guide rail, it will cause abnormal wear and shorten the service life. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a sealing device or a dustproof device that meets the requirements of the use environment when dust and other foreign objects are expected to invade.

(1) Special sealing gasket for linear motion system In order to improve the dustproof ability, sealing gaskets made of special synthetic rubber with high wear resistance, as well as accessories such as (laminated contact scraper, etc.) and cleaning rings are provided in each linear guide rail system.

(2) Special telescopic dust cover In places where the use environment is harsh, some models are equipped with special soft retractable dust cover and special dust cover.

Please refer to the corresponding optional accessories (dust-proof) items of various products for details and descriptions of sealing gasket markings. In addition, when it needs to be used in an environment that is easily affected by cutting chips and cutting fluid splashing, it is suggested to use a soft circular telescopic cover to protect the whole system, or use a large telescopic dust cover. When the product is used, the dust will block the installation hole. What method can be used to remove it? Foreign matter may enter the slider after blocking the installation hole. In this case, we suggest installing an internal sealing gasket on the slider. In this way, the entry of foreign bodies and the erosion of water can be well prevented. For some models, it can be installed from bottom to top, so that there is no installation hole on the upper surface of the guide rail.


Dust-proof, Waterproof and Anti-corrosion Treatment Technology of Linear Guideway

Linear guide rail is an important part of mechanical transmission components, which is widely used in aviation manufacturing, machining, automation equipment and other fields. However, the linear guide rail is often affected by dust, moisture, corrosion and other factors in the use process, thus affecting its service life and performance. Therefore, in order to improve the reliability and durability of linear guide rail, dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment technology has become an important link in the manufacture and application of linear guide rail.

First, the dustproof treatment technology of linear guide rail During the operation of linear guide rail, it will be disturbed by a large number of impurities such as dust and sand in the environment, thus affecting its stability and accuracy. Therefore, dust prevention technology has become an important link in the manufacture and application of linear guide rail. Sealing structure design: the sealing structure design of linear guide rail is the primary key to dust prevention. Manufacturers need to adopt different sealing structure design schemes according to the use environment and working requirements of linear guide rail. Common seal structure design includes rubber seal, metal seal, cover seal and so on. Surface treatment: the surface treatment of linear guide rail is also an important part of dust prevention. Through surface treatment, the surface of the linear guide rail can be smooth and flat, thus reducing the adhesion of dust and impurities. Surface treatment techniques include grinding, polishing and electrochemical polishing. Coating treatment: coating treatment is also one of the important technologies for dust prevention. By coating a dustproof coating on the surface of the linear guide rail, the adhesion of dust and impurities can be effectively reduced. Commonly used dust-proof coating materials include PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene and so on.

Second, the waterproof treatment technology of linear guide rail During the use of linear guide rail, it will be disturbed by moisture, which will affect its operation effect and life. Therefore, waterproof treatment technology has become an important link in the manufacture and application of linear guide rail. Sealing structure design: the first step of waterproof treatment is sealing structure design. Manufacturers need to adopt different sealing structure design schemes according to the use environment and working requirements of linear guide rail. Common seal structure design includes rubber seal, metal seal, cover seal and so on. Waterproof coating treatment: Waterproof coating treatment is also one of the important waterproof technologies. By coating a waterproof coating on the surface of the linear guide rail, the penetration of water can be effectively prevented. Commonly used waterproof coating materials include polyurethane, polyurethane-fatty acid ester, epoxy resin and so on. Material selection: Material selection is also one of the important waterproof technologies. Manufacturers need to choose waterproof materials to make linear guide rails. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and so on.

Third, the anti-corrosion treatment technology of linear guide rail

The linear guide rail will be disturbed by corrosion in the process of use, which will affect its operation effect and life. Therefore, anti-corrosion treatment technology has become an important link in the manufacture and application of linear guide rail.

Anti-corrosion coating treatment: Anti-corrosion coating treatment is one of the important anti-corrosion technologies. By coating an anticorrosive coating on the surface of the linear guide rail, corrosion can be effectively prevented. Commonly used anticorrosive coating materials include fluorocarbon paint, baking paint and epoxy resin. Material selection: Material selection is also one of the important anti-corrosion technologies. Manufacturers need to choose materials with corrosion resistance to manufacture linear guide rails. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and so on.

Surface treatment: Surface treatment is also one of the important anti-corrosion technologies. Through surface treatment, the surface of linear guide rail can be smooth and flat, thus reducing the occurrence of corrosion. Surface treatment techniques include grinding, polishing and electrochemical polishing.

In a word, the dustproof, waterproof and anticorrosion treatment technology of linear guide rail is an important link in the manufacture and application of linear guide rail. Manufacturers need to adopt different treatment technologies according to the use environment and working requirements of linear guide rail, so as to improve the reliability and durability of linear guide rail. The maintenance technology of linear guide rail is very important for the service life and performance. Regular cleaning, regular lubrication, regular inspection, avoiding overload and vibration are common maintenance techniques. In addition, regular calibration, maintenance records and regular replacement are also important maintenance contents. Different linear guides need different maintenance technologies, so different maintenance technologies need to be adopted before use, so it is necessary to know and plan them before use. By adopting proper maintenance technology, the reliability and durability of linear guide rail can be improved, thus meeting the needs of different fields.

What is the machining process of linear slider?

Linear slider is a general component to complete accurate feed motion and complex multi-station work cycle motion. According to the technological requirements of the workpiece, it can be equipped with perceptual power components to complete drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, chamfering, scraping the end face, etc. It can input the coordinates of linear motion and has the characteristics of accurate movement. It is suitable for rain-proof, dust-proof and wind-proof of conveyor belts in power plants, cement plants, coal mines and other major mining enterprises, which reduces the loss of goods during transportation, makes the conveyor belts safer and more reliable in operation, and plays a greater role in purifying the environment.

Sliding table machining process and assembly process are two main contents of mechanical manufacturing technology research. The process of changing the shape, size, relative position and properties of the production object in the production process to make it a finished product or a semi-finished product is called a technological process. For example, blank manufacturing, machining, heat treatment and assembly are all technological processes. Production process and technological process.
The production process of products refers to the whole process of turning raw materials into finished products. The production process of mechanical products generally includes:

1. Preparation of linear slider production and technology, such as process design, design and manufacture of special process equipment, preparation of production plan, preparation of production materials, etc.

2. Manufacture of linear slider blank such as casting, forging, stamping, etc.

3. Machining, cutting, heat treatment and surface treatment of linear slider parts;

4. Assembly of linear slider products, such as assembly, assembly, debugging and inspection, painting, etc.

5. linear slider production services such as the supply, transportation and storage of raw materials, purchased parts and tools; In the process, if the shape, size and surface quality of the production object are directly changed by mechanical processing, it will become a process of qualified parts, which is called mechanical processing process.

Similarly, the process of assembling the processed parts into machines to achieve the required assembly accuracy and obtain the predetermined technical performance is called assembly process.

TBI ball spline

Introduction to ball splines/TBI ball spline

Introduction to ball splines

The ball spline is a bearing that can provide smooth and unrestricted linear motion. The ball spline is made up of steel balls in the inner cavity of the spline mother (sleeve) that roll back and forth on the groove of the spline shaft to achieve linear motion. Precision orientable linear transmission components.


Ball splines are transmission parts commonly used in ZR axis motion on high-precision precision instruments. Its main function is to synchronize precise positioning rotation with linear motion. It is a light-load linear transmission component with high precision, high speed and low friction. , small finished product size, widely used in various high-inspiration automatic equipment and devices with high reliability requirements, such as semiconductor packaging, mounting equipment, medical equipment, etc.



Ball spline construction

Ball splines use balls installed in the spline sleeve (female) to circulate in precision-ground grooves on the spline shaft, while performing smooth linear rolling and transmitting torque. Ball splines and spline shafts are designed and processed with different numbers of grooves and different angles as contact points.


The spline mother is composed of six parts: the main bearing steel cavity, balls, plastic turning channels, dust covers, key pins, and screws. The cavity is made into different numbers of ball paths depending on the size, usually 2 or 4 rows. , 6 columns, the more the number, the better the accuracy.


Spline shaft: It is a high straightness optical axis that processes different mathematical grooves according to the corresponding number of spline mother steel ball rows. The higher the straightness and roundness, the higher the accuracy.


Different processing as above can achieve different torques and precisions. In addition to being highly sensitive, it also greatly increases the load capacity. It is suitable for environments that require high positioning accuracy and high-speed motion performance. In such environments where vibration and impact loads are too large It can also play an effective role. At the same time, when used to replace linear ball bushings, the rated load of ball splines is more than ten times that of linear bushings when the shaft diameter is the same, so the design can become very compact. It is safe to use and has high durability even under cantilever loads, moments, etc.


Ball spline classification

  1. Shape classification: straight ball spline, flange ball spline, slider type ball spline


  1. Integrated distinction: integrated ball spline, rotating nut ball spline


  1. Shaft diameter distinction: micro ball splines (light load and torque), large shaft diameter ball splines (medium and high load and torque)


  1. Stroke distinction: unlimited stroke ball spline, limited stroke ball spline


Areswin Precision Machinery Company can provide TBI ball spline. There are SLT ball splines and SLF ball splines all can supply.

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