STAF Linear Guide -MBX Series – Non Cage Type

STAF Linear Guide-MBX Series

Linear Guide-MBX Series – Non Cage type

MB series / Miniature

With the diversification of transmission parts, high performance parts have become a development trend. OME Technology has started to enter the research, development, and design of “micro linear guides” in 2008. By using cage design and ductile packing system, products are miniaturized, with the application advantages of high precision, low noise, and long lifetime.

Key features are listed below:
1. Conforms to the international specifications and are easy to replace
2. Built-in dust proof design can increase lifetime

MBX__SN Size
01 1 09/12/15
MBX__SL Size
02 1 09/12/15
MBX__WN Size
03 1 09/12/15
MBX__WL Size
04 1 09/12/15