RE Crossed Roller Bearings

Inner Diameter: 20-600mm Outer Diameter: 36-700mm Width: 8-50mm Weight: 0.04-41.7kg

RE crossed roller bearing series (inner ring division type with outer rotating), which is also the basic type of crossed roller bearings. The size is the same with that of RB series. The inner rings have two parts, and the outer ring is one integer. The type is well apply to the situation which need high rotation accuracy on outer ring.

RE crossed roller bearing characteristics:

1. High precision: P4 precision, P2 precision

2. High rigidity: This series bearing have preload

3. High load: This series bearing can bear double-direction axial load, radial load and tilting moment

4. Small size: This series bearing can save space for machine tools

High Rotation Accuracy

      The sapcer retainer fitting among cross-arrayed rollers prevents rollers from skewing and rotation torque from increasing due to friction between rollers. Unlikeconventional typesusing steel sheet retainers.the cross-roller ring does not cause displacement or locking of rollers and provides astablerotation torque.Since the inner and outer rings are designed to be separable,the bearing clearance can be adjusted. In addition,highly accurate rotary motion is ensured through adjusting the bearing clearance to provide a preload.


     Since the cross-roller ring unitcontains high-quality Germanic greaseimported,you can start using the product without replenishing grease.However,the product requires regu;ar lubrication since it has a smaller internal space than ordinary roller bearings and because the roller s need frequent lubrication due to their rolling contact structure. To replenish grease,it is necessary to secure greasing holes that lead to the oil grooves formed on the inner and outer rings.As for the lubrication interval,normally replenish grease of the same group so that it is distributed throughpout the interior of the bearing at least every six to twelve months. When the bearings is filled up with grease,the initial rotation torque temporarily increase.However,surplus grease will run off of the seals and the torque will return to the normal level in a short period.The thin type does have an oil groove. Secure an oil groove inside the housing for lubrication.

Drawing of RE Crossed Roller Bearings