Super-thin section ball bearings /uniform-section thin section ball bearings

Thin Section Ball Bearings

Super-thin section ball bearings and uniform-section thin section ball bearings
consisting of seven open series and five sealed series, the inner diameter is from 1 inch to 40 inches, horizontal the cut-out size ranges from 0.1875X0.1875 inches to 1.000X1.000 inches. the thin-walled ferrule bearings can be angular contact ball bearings (A), four-point contact ball bearings (X), and deep groove ball bearings (C). the above various designs are available in different series, the series depends on the size of the cross section, and the ball matches the series. angular contact bearings can match an optimal number of balls and have a contact angle of 30°. they support higher radial loads than deep groove ball bearings or four-point contact ball bearings and can support axial loads originating in the same direction. angular contact bearings are also available as matched bearings for special needs. therefore, the rigidity and load carrying capacity of these combinations are much higher than for single bearing products. four-point contact ball bearings can support bidirectional axial loads as well as radial loads; therefore they operate in the same way as double row angular contact ball bearings. deep groove ball bearings can support both axial and radial loads.

Application of thin section bearing
Radar and microwave devices
Precision robot joint
Battery array driver of solar power
Guidance system
Food processing plants
Glass production equipment and rotary worktable
Packing equipments
Medical Devices
Optical scanning device,radar
Satellite communications equipment
Textile machinery
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment