TBI Linear Guide TM-N

Linear Guide TM N

The Characteristics of TBI linear Guide
TBI MOTION The Characteristics of TM Series
Dust-Poof Design
The stainless bottom seal is the innovative new design of TBI Motion TM series. It prevents effectively the abnormal chips getting into the ball track from the bottom side of the block and keep the good running performance and extend the life time of the slider because the friction is low by keeping some small backlash between the slider and rail.
Standard end seals provide extreme protection from dust. Metal scrapers to maintain ling service life and lower maintenance period. Unique low friction seal lips provide best smoothness and lower friction.

linear Guide TM-N

High Tensile Performance Stainless Steel Reinforcement Plate
Dual fully covered stainless steel plates design delivers the best coverage for plastic on each ends. Stainless steel screws are used to strength the rigidity, protection with end cap in order to sustain higher operational speed Vmax = 5 m/s2 , αmax= 300 m/s2, When linear block is equipped with reinforcement

plates and Dust-proof seal, it can also function as scraper.

TBI MOTION linear guide

High Loading and Moment Capacity Performance
TM Miniature Linear Guide series uses two row re-circulating methods with Gothic 45° contact angle on the rail groove to achieve equal load capacity in four directions. Larger steel balls are used to enhance the loading and torsion resistance performance in limited space.



3D Printing,Industrial machinery,Electronic application,Semi-conductor industries etc.

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