SLF Ball Spline

Ball spline slf 1

The design of this Ball spline is to utilize the friction force through the contact of steel balls within in the Spline Nut and the grooves on the Spline Shaft. With its unique 40° angular contact design which enables the Ball spline delivers high sensitivity and extreme high load carrying capacity.This ball splines can be classified into interchangeable and non- interchangeable types. Their dimensions are the same; They have SLF (Flange design) and SLT (Non-flange design) seris. Point of contacts on the Spline shaft is provided in two grooves (180°) (SLF/SLT6~20) and four grooves (70°) (SLF/SLT25~50) base on the diameter of the Spline shaft. Also TBI provides Hollow Spline shaft for alternative.

ball spline SLF 2
ball spline SLF 3