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Reasons that affect the normal use of ball screws

Reasons affecting the normal use of ball screw. One of the reasons for the unsmooth running of the ball screw can be divided into two situations. One is that during shipment, many packing materials and anti-bagging packing ball nuts, and when the screw is packed or arranged with steel balls, there is no proper standard […]

Accuracy of Linear Guide Rail

1. The accuracy grades of linear guide rail are divided into (walking parallelism, taking the guide rail 100mm long as an example), general grade (unmarked /C)5μm, (H)3μm, precision grade (P)2μm, precision grade (SP)1.5μm and precision grade (UP)1μm according to the use of different machines. Preload the slider. Generally, preloading is divided into medium preloading and […]

Classification of Linear Guides

1. Linear guide rail pair is generally composed of guide rail, slide block, reverser, rolling body and holder, etc. It is a new rolling support for relative reciprocating linear motion, which can replace direct sliding touch with steel ball rolling between slide block and guide rail, and the rolling body can complete infinite circulation in […]

Cooling Measures Of Ball Screw Rod In Operation

Screw rod is one of the common product components of large-scale machinery, and its importance has been well known by more and more people. For example, people engaged in industrial mechanization also regard screw rod as a sign that the machine can run stably and normally. It can be seen that its functionality is relatively […]

What Should We Do If There Is Noise In The Linear Module?

Linear module is a mechanical equipment component commonly used in modern industry. Its appearance can be said to be the crystallization of mechanical development and transformation. It can be seen in the modern military industry, food industry, spraying industry, logistics industry and other industries. This is because it has more significant advantages compared with traditional […]

Inspection And Maintenance Of Ball Screw

The problems caused by ball screw are various, and there is no fixed form. The ball screw shaft or nut sometimes falls off due to its own weight, and when it falls off carelessly, it may cause the loss of product function due to the collision of track or the damage of circulating parts. At […]

How To Choose A Suitable Ball Screw Lead?

If the machine tool produces noise and vibration during work, after detecting that there is no problem with the mechanical transmission part, the problem of poor lubrication must first be considered. After many years of operation, the automatic lubrication system of the screw and nut is often blocked and cannot be automatically lubricated. The problem […]

How To Prolong The Service Life Of Linear Guide Rail?

In the daily use of transmission parts, for the fluid lubrication of sliding guide rail surface, the movement accuracy error caused by the floating of oil film is inevitable. In most cases, fluid lubrication is limited to the boundary area, and direct friction caused by metal contact is inevitable, in which a large amount of […]

What Should We Notice When Mounting Linear Guide Rail?

Linear guideway is designed for applications requiring precise movement with high bearing capacity. However, improper installation will increase unnecessary load, shorten service life and destroy the inherent stroke accuracy of linear guide rail system. Understanding and following the three installation specifications described below will help ensure that your installation achieves the required accuracy and will […]