Ball screw nut bracket DSG Series

Nut housing Bracket Holder

Ball Screw Nut Seat  widely used in industrial area.
1. Space saving nternal circulate design
2. Low friction force with 1/3 over acme screw
3. Ensure for high accuracies
4. Micro feed with tolerance within in 0.1μm
5. Zero backlash, high stiffness.

For delicate application in industrial application, machine tool and automation application.

Models Suit for
DSG16H 1605,1610
DSG1616 1616
DSG20H 2005,2010
DSG2020 2020
DSG25H 2505,2510
DSG2525 2525
DSG32H 3205,3210
DSG40H 4005,4010
DSH50H 5010
nut holder housing