TBI MOTION Ball Screw SFV Series Heavy Load

TBI MOTION Ball Screw SFV Series

TBI MOTION ball screw SFV is belong to external return heavy load series,including ground ballscrew and rolled ballscrew.
1.External circulate design to meet high feed and absorb heavy impact load with high speed usage.
2.Low noise.
3.Zero backlash, high stiffness.

High speed industrial, Precision machine tool, CNC application and electronic application.

TBI MOTION Ball Screw SFV Heavy load Series
TBI MOTION Ball Screw SFV High load

1.Ultra high walking precisionProduct features
Adopt the most advanced technology of three-surface multiple-groove molded grinding and the world patent of position calibration system of guide feeding. Walking precision can reach 0.002 mm/4m.

2.One package shot molding
Adopt world patent of one package shot molding for Ball circuits. It can reduce the assembly tolerance, lower the collision resonance noise between the steel balls and reduce the friction between the ball and the pipe wall to prolong its service life.

3.Integrated dustproof
Integrated dustproof design can resist dust from the end, the side and the top, thus achieving the effective internal and external dustproof.

4.The stable deep-locked design
The design of super long locking screw is to make sure the deep lock stability of the screw.

5.Through-type oil circuit design
The advantages of through-type oil circuit design are bi-direction lubrication by one-direction oiling and long-lasting lubrication with large oil storage space.