ARESWIN offers a wide range of automotive bearings, three key functions of the car: “running, turning and stopping”.
Over 100 bearings are used in a single vehicle, and ARESWIN ensures that its bearings offer safety and comfort, and are environmentally responsible.

ARESWIN hub unit bearings are compact, lightweight, highly durable and of very high quality. Engine-related parts and bearings need to accommodate evolving engine designs, and ARESWIN supplies water pump bearings and bearings for tensioners that make full use of advanced technologies. There are a wide variety of transmission bearings that are smooth and offer low power loss, facilitating smooth gear shifting. In particular, the “Half Toroidal CVT POWERTOROS Unit” is extremely smooth because it is a continuous gear ratio transmission, with supremely quiet gear changes. It consumes less energy and its high efficiency contributes to lower CO2 emissions.