What should we do If there is noise in the linear module?

Linear module is a mechanical equipment component commonly used in modern industry. Its appearance can be said to be the crystallization of mechanical development and transformation. It can be seen in the modern military industry, food industry, spraying industry, logistics industry and other industries. This is because it has more significant advantages compared with traditional mechanical systems. For example, its high precision, no empty return but almost zero maintenance (no contact parts), which is difficult for mechanical systems to achieve. What’s more, there are many other advantages such as very high speed, very low speed and high acceleration.

However, there will be some minor problems in the use of any machine, such as noise, and the linear module is no exception!

1. Noise is prone to appear in a dusty environment

Solution: Use a dustproof device when in use. Generally, manufacturers will have stocks; at the same time, when choosing a linear module, you should also give priority to a closed/dust-proof linear module, such as the following one, with a steel belt The screw slide table is more suitable for use in dusty environments. In addition to the dust-proof of the module itself, other dust-proof devices should also be set according to the size of the dust.

2. Different equipment requires different pre-pressure, so noise will also occur;

Solution: According to different equipment, technical adjustment of pre-compression is required before use.

3. The lubricating grease is different, there will be noise

Solution: According to different types of linear modules, select special lubricants.

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