Inspection and maintenance of ball screw

The problems caused by ball screw are various, and there is no fixed form. The ball screw shaft or nut sometimes falls off due to its own weight, and when it falls off carelessly, it may cause the loss of product function due to the collision of track or the damage of circulating parts. At this time, it needs to be checked by the company. If there are scars and damages on circulating parts, outer diameter of shaft, track, etc., it will cause poor circulation, which will lead to the loss of product function. Only through correct detection to determine the real cause of the problem, can it be repaired quickly and accurately.

If there is no preparation and inspection before operating the ball screw, there may be faults. In order to reduce the occurrence of faults, how should everyone prepare for the normal operation of the ball screw? For the axis of rotation of ball screw, we should ensure that it is parallel to the linear guide rail of the main base of the machine tool, so as to avoid affecting the machining quality of ball screw due to imbalance.

For single nut ball screw, the gap between screw and nut pair cannot be adjusted. If it is detected that there is a gap between the lead screw and nut pair. First, check whether the thread arcs of the lead screw and nut are worn. If the wear is serious, a complete set of lead screw nuts must be replaced. Whether the axis line of ball screw nut can be coaxial with the hole of the motor seat can also directly affect the movement process of the machine tool.

If noise and vibration are generated in the work of machine tools, the problem of poor lubrication should be considered first after detecting that there is no problem in the mechanical transmission part. After many years of operation of machine tools, the automatic lubrication system of lead screw and nut is often blocked and cannot be lubricated automatically. Grease with high temperature resistance and high speed resistance can be added to bearings and nuts to solve the problem. Grease can ensure the normal operation of bearings and nuts for several years.

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