What is the machining process of linear slider?

Linear slider is a general component to complete accurate feed motion and complex multi-station work cycle motion. According to the technological requirements of the workpiece, it can be equipped with perceptual power components to complete drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, chamfering, scraping the end face, etc. It can input the coordinates of linear motion and has the characteristics of accurate movement. It is suitable for rain-proof, dust-proof and wind-proof of conveyor belts in power plants, cement plants, coal mines and other major mining enterprises, which reduces the loss of goods during transportation, makes the conveyor belts safer and more reliable in operation, and plays a greater role in purifying the environment.

Sliding table machining process and assembly process are two main contents of mechanical manufacturing technology research. The process of changing the shape, size, relative position and properties of the production object in the production process to make it a finished product or a semi-finished product is called a technological process. For example, blank manufacturing, machining, heat treatment and assembly are all technological processes. Production process and technological process.
The production process of products refers to the whole process of turning raw materials into finished products. The production process of mechanical products generally includes:

1. Preparation of linear slider production and technology, such as process design, design and manufacture of special process equipment, preparation of production plan, preparation of production materials, etc.

2. Manufacture of linear slider blank such as casting, forging, stamping, etc.

3. Machining, cutting, heat treatment and surface treatment of linear slider parts;

4. Assembly of linear slider products, such as assembly, assembly, debugging and inspection, painting, etc.

5. linear slider production services such as the supply, transportation and storage of raw materials, purchased parts and tools; In the process, if the shape, size and surface quality of the production object are directly changed by mechanical processing, it will become a process of qualified parts, which is called mechanical processing process.

Similarly, the process of assembling the processed parts into machines to achieve the required assembly accuracy and obtain the predetermined technical performance is called assembly process.

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