Linear Shafts

What is a linear shaft?

The linear shaft is an automated transmission part that guides the sliding bearing and enables it to perform linear motion. The necessary conditions for the realization of these linear motion systems are: simple design; best execution capabilities; low maintenance costs; use of strictly selected strong and durable materials; accurate outer diameter dimensions; high-frequency heat treatment; true Roundness; straightness and surface treatment, etc.

The most commonly used optical shaft is the chrome-plated linear shafts.

solid shaft hollow shaft

How to Choose the Linear Shafts?


You can the linear shaft base on the types. It can be divided into three types: chrome-plated linear shaft, chrome-plated linear flexible shaft and chrome-plated hollow shaft.


(1) Chrome-plated linear shaft: Chrome-plated linear shaft is plated with a layer of hard chromium on the basis of ordinary linear optical axis, also known as bearing rod. It can be applied to rust-prone environments or bad environments. This shaft is widely used. For industrial robots, the moving part of the automatic sliding system device. The hardness is around 60.


(2) Chrome-plated linear flexible shaft: Chrome-plated linear flexible shaft can be directly used for precision piston rods and some self-lubricating bearings due to its thick chromium plating layer. Because of its moderate hardness, it is used in many fields. The hardness is around 30-40.


(3) Chrome-plated hollow shaft: Due to its hollow structural characteristics, the chrome-plated hollow shaft reduces the weight to a great extent and simplifies the structure. Its interior is suitable for penetrating measurement wires, compressing air, and adding lubricating oil. Or for a robotic arm.

Areswin Precision Machinery Company can produce high quality linear shaft. Theshaft can be processed according to customer drawings.

Our shaft is made of G6 precision high-quality carbon steel, and the linear shaft is mirror polished. We can use a grinder to cut the shaft to ensure the accuracy of the linear shaft. The surface of the linear shaft is chrome plated and electroplated.

We can process various optical shafts from 3mm to 150mm and length 6000mm.

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