What should be paid attention to in coupling installation?

Coupling is an important component in enterprise mechanical transmission, which is widely used in the connection between equipment and reducer or motor. The assembly and alignment of the coupling is a very important task with high precision in equipment installation. If the assembly and alignment results are inaccurate, the vibration value of the equipment will exceed the standard, which will seriously threaten the normal operation of the equipment, especially the high-speed equipment. Therefore, special attention should be paid to some details in the process of installing the coupling.

1. In order to avoid wrong operation of the driver, please be sure to cut off the main power supply of the device and make sure it is safe before installing the coupling.

2. Please remove foreign matter, dust, dirty oil, etc. attached to the inner diameter surface of the mounting shaft and coupling. Especially, if there is dirty oil such as grease containing molybdenum disulfide and extreme pressure additives which will greatly affect the friction coefficient, please degrease it thoroughly.

3. When centering, please stick the ruler on the periphery of the body and check with two points that are about 90 apart. The service life of the assembly will be greatly affected according to the different centering accuracy.

4. After installing the coupling, please be sure to add a safety cover. Otherwise, contact with this product during operation may cause injury.

5. Clamping bolts must be tightened with calibrated torque wrench according to the locking torque value of the clamping bolts.

6. During installation, due to improper combination method, the vibration is too large, the operation is not normal, the center is not allowed, and the deflection angle exceeds the load, which will cause damage to the motor, coupling and other parts. Therefore, it is suggested that you should pay attention to the action of precision balance correction in mechanical assembly to improve the service life of the machinery.

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