What fields can the linear module be used in?

ARESWIN Relying on years of accumulation and precipitation in the industry, linear modules have achieved energy savings in the mold industry, auto parts industry, home appliance industry, kitchenware industry, hardware plumbing equipment, glasses, jewelry, clocks, and medical equipment to achieve energy savings, save labor costs, and improve production efficiency.

1. The medical and pharmaceutical industries can also find traces of linear modules in the marking of medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. For example, plastic mechanical cover marking, drug delivery inspection, sorting, and packaging have linear modules.

2. The electronic semiconductor industry With the great development of the digital age of innovation in the era of technology, electronic products have entered all aspects of our daily lives. Batteries, IT fields, precision welding, motor welding, sensors, refrigeration accessories welding, light guide plate marking, cables, LCD panel edges, integrated circuit (IC) marking, welding parts laser, soldering is everywhere but linear module applications.

3. Light industry, textile, printing and dyeing industry

The dyeing, spraying, crystal handicraft processing and other industries developed in the high-tech modern daily life textile industry and home furnishing field, applied to motion control can satisfy the people’s pursuit of a comfortable and elegant life, and can feel the new experience brought by excellent quality . The linear module embodies its own advantages.

4. Transportation and logistics industry

Linear modules are used in handling, palletizing, sorting, etc. in the traditional transportation and logistics industry… It can greatly save costs and complete all operations safely and efficiently.

5. Printing industry

The specific processing technology is realized through personalized customization.

6. Machinery, manufacturing and processing industries.

If you need to build a linear module XY,XYZ table, please contact us in time, and we will provide you with a complete set of solutions.

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