What are the advantages of linear modules in industry?

The linear module was originally invented and used by the Germans. Its wide application worldwide has brought tremendous changes to the automation industry.

There are many types of linear modules. Compared with conventional transmission devices such as linear guides and ball screw linear actuators, they show greater advantages. The three advantages of linear modules are explained in detail below.

1. The speed of a single object can be increased by quickly reducing friction. Linear modules can increase the speed of linear motion by reducing the friction between interacting objects. At the same time, the positioning speed of the linear module is also very fast, and the time consumption is greatly reduced. The increase in positioning speed and linear motion speed means that the positioning speed and linear motion speed can be changed, and more work can be completed in a short time, that is, the work efficiency is significantly improved. The belt linear module is particularly prominent in terms of speed advantages.

2. High repetitive positioning accuracy and fast positioning speed does not mean that it affects the positioning accuracy of the linear module. While increasing the speed, it further improves the positioning accuracy of the linear module. Repeated positioning can be accurate at the same time, without the need for re-calibration and multiple operations. The parts can avoid errors. The linear slide has a variety of models and specifications to choose from, which is convenient to use, and there is no need to correct itself and the product in the short term. Ball screw linear slide It occupies a strong advantage in repeated accuracy levels, and it is very common in the contemporary laser manufacturing industry and laser cutting manufacturing industry.

3. Small size, long life, fast speed, and high precision are not all the advantages of linear modules, nor does it mean that linear modules are large in size. On the contrary, linear modules are smaller than existing transmission devices and are also used in precision equipment. Reason. For example, the service life of high-tech linear modules is basically more than 2000 (km).

At the same time, the latest reference price of machinery has been further reduced, and it has a long service life, which is suitable for automatic processing in large and small factories. The invention and use of linear modules provide the automation industry with faster speed and higher accuracy. At the same time, the longer life of linear modules further improves the cost-effectiveness of their use. In addition, the latest reference price of the linear module shows that the price of the linear module is more favorable, its advantages will be better highlighted, and its application range will be further expanded. Processing plants must develop and innovate before they can gain a firm foothold in the market competition of the manufacturing industry. The use of the best labor tool, the linear sliding table, is the first step for processing plants to keep up with the pace of the times.

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