Cooling measures of ball screw rod in operation

Screw rod is one of the common product components of large-scale machinery, and its importance has been well known by more and more people. For example, people engaged in industrial mechanization also regard screw rod as a sign that the machine can run stably and normally. It can be seen that its functionality is relatively strong, mainly in the following industries:

In the electronic and mechanical industry, there are many equipments that use screw rods, such as measuring instruments, which have high requirements for measuring accuracy.

In the field of machinery, it has a wide range of products, because in the machinery industry, machinery has high requirements for the processing of each workpiece, whether it is milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, lathe, etc., as long as it is used, the precision error is generally below 0.1 mm.

Screw rod is also widely used in the field of numerical control, and many CNC mechanical equipment are large, which can realize automatic processing, but this will not affect its processing accuracy at all; However, with its application, the linear motion and reciprocating motion of CNC machining machinery can be freely converted, and the machining accuracy is also guaranteed.

As we all know, in the process of running the screw rod, the temperature will rise more or less, and the shaft will stretch due to thermal expansion, resulting in positioning accuracy error. Therefore, under the condition of strict positioning accuracy, corresponding cooling measures should be taken:

1. On the premise of meeting product requirements, minimize the pre-tightening amount of screw rod and bearing seat;

2. Choose a large lead as much as possible to reduce the rotating speed;

3. It is very important to choose suitable lubricant.

4. If conditions permit, use lubricating oil or cold air to forcibly cool the screw shaft.

To sum up, the above four measures can prevent the screw from generating high temperature in operation.

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