What is the reason for the blackening of the coupling?

The coupling is used to connect the two shafts together. The two shafts cannot be separated when the machine is running. The two shafts can only be separated after the machine is stopped and the connection is disconnected. Do you know what are the classifications of couplings?

Let’s follow the editor to find out:

1. Rigid coupling: It can only transmit motion and torque, without other functions.

2. Coupling: It can transmit motion and torque, overload* protection, in addition, it also has different degrees of compensation performance, such as pin type, friction type, magnetic powder type, centrifugal type, hydraulic type and other couplings .

3. Flexible coupling: A flexible coupling without elastic elements can not only transmit motion and torque, but also have different degrees of axial, radial and angular compensation performance, including gear couplings, universal Toward couplings, chain couplings, slider couplings, etc.

4. Flexible coupling with elastic elements: it can transmit motion and torque; it has different degrees of axial, radial and angular compensation performance; it also has different degrees of damping and buffering effects to improve the work of the transmission system Performance, including flexible couplings with various non-metal elastic elements and flexible couplings with metal elastic elements. The structure of various elastic couplings is different, and the difference is large, and the role in the transmission system is also different.

The speed of the working coupling is high and low. For the two-shaft connection that needs high-speed operation, the structure of the coupling should be considered to have high balance accuracy characteristics to eliminate vibration and noise caused by centrifugal force, and increase the relevant drum-shaped gear coupling The abrasion and heat of the motor reduce the transmission quality and service life. Among them, the diaphragm coupling has better adaptability to high-speed operation.

The shaft system connected by the coupling and its operation. For the connection shaft system with large mass and large moment of inertia, and frequent starting, shifting or reversing, you should consider choosing a spring-elastic pin coupling that can withstand large instantaneous overloads and can buffer and absorb vibration.

When the entire diaphragm coupling enters some sending liquids, first of all, they may cause a series of corrosion to acidic objects, and may cause some dissolution of metals, or they may have various effects on some other ions. A different kind of displacement reaction. Then in this case, some of the original particles can replace each other and deposit on the metal surface, because some oxidants are added to the solution itself, so some different ions in the nitrite are reduced. This can effectively promote a series of oxidation reactions or other chemical reactions on their metal surfaces.

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