Reasons that affect the normal use of ball screws

Reasons affecting the normal use of ball screw. One of the reasons for the unsmooth running of the ball screw can be divided into two situations. One is that during shipment, many packing materials and anti-bagging packing ball nuts, and when the screw is packed or arranged with steel balls, there is no proper standard procedure to complete the execution. Foreign objects or other debris and other sundries will block the track of the steel balls, resulting in the packing materials blocking the track, thus affecting the running of the ball screw. Another possibility is that if the ball screw is installed without a brush scraper, the machining chips and dust will easily accumulate in the track and block the steel ball track during machining, thus causing the ball screw to run unsmooth. The internal circulation of the ball screw is realized by the reverser, but what factors will affect the operation of the ball screw when it is running?

1. When the nut is installed, it is inclined or eccentric, which will cause abnormal load on the screw rod and cause unstable voltage when the motor is running. Damage of ball screw during handling.

2. When using lead screw for machining, it should be operated according to strict procedures, especially during early installation. If the installation is not in place, it will affect the working accuracy of lead screw.

3. Whether the axial line of the ball screw nut can be coaxial with the hole of the motor seat will also affect the operation, so pay attention to the details during operation.

4. In addition, the quality of ball screw will also directly affect its accuracy during operation. Pay attention to its quality when selecting screw.

5. Rough surface of ball groove of screw or nut, uneven size or hardness of steel ball, incorrect assembly of return pipe, etc. can cause obstacles in the operation of screw rod.

Ball screw is a kind of high-precision component, its precision is reduced and its life is shortened, so it is necessary to ensure its normal operation.

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