Why Ball screw will always be more expensive? Nearly 80% user will consider the price.

That’s easy – there are more parts. A lead screw is merely a threaded shaft and simple nut. The precision of such a device is based on the grind accuracy for the shaft and the resultant play when the nut is installed. The ball screw material is better and have special treatment. There is also have high requirement for the ballscrew precision. Usually the C7 grade can meet most need. For more precision machine C5 grade is will be requested.

What precision ball screws can we provide?

ARESWIN can supply the ball screw with nut C7 and C5 Grade,we provide the TAIWAN TBI,GTEN brand and made in China brand ballscrew, can meet different budget of clients need. We can machining the ends of screw base on the clients drawing.
We will recommend you the following type of  TBI ball screw,they can meet most needs,but price is cheaper.

TBI sfu ball screw supply

SFU type ball screw is flange type ball screw,widely used in 3D printer,CNC machine and robot industry. This type ball screw is normal type and price is cheap and easy to exchange the ball nut.

SFU1605 ballscrew diameter is 16mm and also have other type diameter,max length can reach 4 meters and the length can be customized.Cold rolling screw rod. We can supply TBI brand(made in Taiwan),which have the best quality. Also the made in China SFU1605 ball screw can meet the client need in most industrial machines.TBI brand ball screw have best perfotmance.


sfk ball screwThe SFK Serie of ball screw is a Miniature Ball screw serie with flange nut in diameter 8 -10mm, in Grade C7. This ball screw serie is always P1 clearance quality, with no axial play.






TBI MOTION Ball Screw SFV Series


The SFV Serie of ball screw has a single flange nut. It is made in Grade C7. This type of ballscrew is suitable for pressing applications or heavy load movements.




Double standard ball nuts DFU are perfect choice for applications where high durability, positioning accuracy and smooth operation is required. All nuts are axial play free with 0-2% preload which reflect in high rigidity. Preload can be adjusted on the nut. Ball nuts and screws has to be from the same producer! Every nut is tested to fit perfectly to the ball screw.

ball screw ofu dfu tbi

We can also supply the T type screw, the T type screw have cheap price and have big different with ball screw.

1.Ball screw: It has the characteristics of high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. Because of its small friction resistance, ballscrew is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

2.Trapezoidal screw: A product with high efficiency, low cost, and low machining accuracy, whose structure design ideas and schemes are worth popularizing and applying.
The Trapezoidal screw have usually screw material is stainless and the nut is brass, wildly used in 3d printer and robot industry. The thread have left type and right type, and left and right in one screw. Usually, it no need to machining the ends of screw, in this way, the machining cost will no need and cost will be cheaper.

Meanwhile, the material type is cheaper than the ball screw raw material.The diameter have T8,T12,T6 type,which have a diameter 8mm,12mm,6mm. The pitch also have different types, pitch have 2-8mm, and lead can be 2 -12mm. The length also can be adjust,from 20mm to 2000mm.
The Trapezoidal screw price is cheaper than the ball screw, if you machine no need the high precision, T type screw is a good choice. It is easy assemble and wiely used also.
All in all, the price of ballscrew is expensive, but the it have best performance. The user can choose different types base on the need, ARESWIN will provide the solution for our clients need.We will provide techincal support and welcome inquiry us.

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